The legends of Manchester United Football Club will face the legends of Finland! They might not be as fast as they used to be, but the passion and touch is still there. Come and join us to see which legend team will come out as the winner. The match will be played in Bolt Arena on 23rd of September at 6PM, so the fans have still time to move to next stadium to see Finland vs Romania Nations League match.

Prior to the Legends Match local youtubers, artists, actors and other influencers will face each other in an exhibition match. Aston Gilla vs FC FightBack must be one of the biggest match ever in Finland if you count the number of followers from the players’ social media!


16.00 Aston Gilla – FC FightBack studio starts

16.30 Aston Gilla – FC FightBack

17.30 Legends Match studio starts

18.00 The Legends Match – United Legends vs Finland All Stars


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