Helsinki Red Room

Helsinki Red Room is a private Manchester United museum curated by Jere Virtanen. It is located in Helsinki, the capital of Finland.

The Helsinki Red Room is over 200m2 space with its own sports bar, museum, “manager’s meeting room” and hallways full of Manchester United memorabilia. The collection consists over 33,000 items spanning over the history of the club from the early 1800’s to the present day.

The amount of love and passion that’s been dedicated to the Helsinki Red Room elevates it from a private collection to a breathtaking experience. With screens, audio, lighting and attention paid to the tiniest of details, Helsinki Red Room will captivate even those who don’t follow football!

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Jere Virtanen

Jere Virtanen is a 37-year-old Manchester United supporter from Finland who has been following the club his whole life. The club has become a religion for him, and he’s travelled to matches all over Europe and met fellow fans all across the world.

It all started when Jere was five and started playing football. He chose the number 7 for his shirt to emulate his favourite player, Bryan Robson. Today Jere’s collection covers more than 35,000 items from shirts to programmes and from real Old Trafford seats to some of the more curious club branded items.

Jere works as the CEO of a sponsorship and influencers marketing company called Gofamer, but has still found time to write a book in Finnish about the football fan culture in England. He also runs his own Manchester United podcast called “Unelmien Teatteri” and enjoys spending his spare time researching stories about the club, its players and fans.

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